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Welcome to Cloudifi – Your Gateway to Clarity in the IT World! 

🌐 New Changes 🌟 

We are still working on getting the site finished up. It has taken a bit longer than expected, but we are close.

Patchstack – We recently added Patchstack as one of our Trusted Vendors for Word Press security. The vendors has proven to be a quality product. Patchstack is a powerful tool that helps to identify security vulnerabilities within all your websites’ plugins, themes, and WordPress core. Patchstack is powered by the WordPress ecosystem’s most active community of ethical hackers. Patchstack is trusted by the leading WordPress experts such as: Pagely, Cloudways, GridPane, Plesk, and others!

Weekly Security Practice – Backup’s

In today’s digital age, the importance of backing up websites cannot be overstated. Regular backups act as a safety net, ensuring that in the event of a cyberattack, server failure, or accidental data loss, your website can be quickly restored to its previous state without significant downtime or loss of critical information. They safeguard your online presence, protect against data loss, and provide peace of mind by ensuring that your digital assets are secure and recoverable. With the increasing prevalence of online threats, regular backups have become an essential component of website management, highlighting the necessity for all website owners to implement a robust backup strategy.

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Welcome to clarity. Welcome to Cloudifi. 

Welcome to Cloudifi 2024

Welcome to Cloudifi – Your Gateway to Clarity in the IT World! 

🌐 Embrace the Future with Cloudifi! 🌟 

At Cloudifi, we’re more than just an IT company; we’re your trusted partner in demystifying the complexities of technology. With over three decades of expertise, we bring you a world where cutting-edge IT solutions meet personalized support and unwavering dedication. 

πŸš€ Why Choose Cloudifi? πŸš€ 

  • Comprehensive IT Services: From managed IT to secure hosting, we’ve got all your needs covered. 
  • Expert Partnerships: We collaborate with top global vendors to bring you quality and innovation. 
  • Customized Solutions: Whether you’re a home user or a growing enterprise, our tailored approach fits all. 
  • Proven Experience: Our seasoned Network/Systems Engineers ensure your IT systems are optimized and secure. 

πŸ”’ What We Offer: πŸ”’ 

  • Dual Expertise: Mastering both proactive design and reactive problem-solving. 
  • Cybersecurity Excellence: Stay protected against digital threats with our expert defenses. 
  • Hardware & Software Mastery: We understand the nuts and bolts to develop efficient systems. 

🌟 Our Balanced Approach: 🌟 We blend routine operations with innovative, long-term tech strategies, keeping you ahead in the ever-evolving IT landscape. 

🌐 Partner with Cloudifi: 🌐 As proud partners with Vultr, Pax 8, Microsoft, Veeam, Malware Bytes, PrintiX, and more, we bring you exceptional VPS, cloud solutions, shared hosting plans, and comprehensive website and hosting management. Email, application, database and storage solutions. 

πŸš€ Ready to Elevate Your IT? πŸš€ Join us at Cloudifi, where we transform your IT challenges into opportunities for growth. Let’s navigate this dynamic field together and take your business to new heights. 

Welcome to clarity. Welcome to Cloudifi. 

Website Updates and Changes (1-11-2024)

Site Changes

Over the next few weeks, we will be making changes to the website, and the Cloudifi community portal. Here is a list of items we are working on now:

  • Hosting Packages
  • Server Packages
  • App/Service Packages
  • End of all sales, and pricing restructure

New Offerings

  • Booking Site
  • Site and Store Demo’s

More details to come soon

Cloudifi Management Portal 2024