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In the fast-evolving landscape of web applications, managing, deploying, and ensuring the smooth operation of various apps can be a daunting task. This is where Cloudron comes in. It is a platform that aims to simplify the lifecycle management of web apps and services. Below, we dive into the essence of Cloudron, its offerings, and features.

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About this Product

Cloudron is a platform designed to make it easier to run web apps on your server. It essentially takes the complexity out of deploying, managing, updating, and securing web applications by automating these processes. With Cloudron, users can install, manage, and scale web apps and services with just a few clicks.

Cloudron is an invaluable tool for those who want to self-host web applications but don’t want the complexities that come with manual server and app management. By automating many of the tedious processes, Cloudron makes web app management accessible and straightforward, enabling businesses and individuals to focus on what they do best. Whether you’re a blogger, developer, or business owner, Cloudron can significantly simplify your web application lifecycle.

Key characteristics and advantages of DaaS include

  • Web App Deployment: With its one-click app store, users can deploy a variety of popular web apps, such as WordPress, Nextcloud, GitLab, and many others, without delving into the technicalities of server configurations or app setup.
  • Updates and Maintenance: Cloudron takes the guesswork out of updates by automating the process. Apps and the underlying platform are regularly updated, ensuring that you always have the latest security patches and features.
  • Backup and Recovery: The platform provides automatic backups of your applications and their data. In the event of any mishaps, restoring your apps is straightforward.
  • Security: Cloudron handles the security aspect of your apps. It sets up SSL/TLS for your domains, handles renewals, and ensures apps are isolated from each other.
  • Email Solutions: Apart from web apps, Cloudron also comes with a built-in mail server. It makes setting up mailboxes, aliases, and forwarding straightforward.
  • Unified Dashboard: A single interface to manage all your apps. It gives an overview of the running apps, system status, updates, and more.
  • User Management: Cloudron allows for centralized user management. You can integrate it with your LDAP or Active Directory, enabling single sign-on across apps.
  • Domain and SSL Management: Handle domain configurations from within the platform. Cloudron also automates SSL certificate issuance and renewals using Let’s Encrypt.
  • Monitoring and Logging: Cloudron provides insights into the resource usage of each app. Integrated logging allows for easy debugging and monitoring of app health.
  • App Store: A curated list of ready-to-install apps. The Cloudron team ensures that these apps are well-maintained and updated regularly.
  • Containerization: Each app runs in its own container, ensuring that it’s isolated from others. This guarantees that a failure or security issue in one app doesn’t affect others.
  • Extensibility: Developers can package their apps for Cloudron. This means that the ecosystem is continually growing and can be customized to specific needs.

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Useful Guides and Resources


Sysadmin Inside

Self-hosting apps is time consuming and error-prone. Keeping your system up-to-date and secure is a full-time job. Cloudron lets you focus on using the apps and not worry about system administration.

Timely Updates

We publish latest releases within days and security fixes within 24h for apps and the server via the Cloudron App Store. This makes maintenance of your private cloud hassle-free and cost effective.

User Management

Invite users and configure to which apps they have access to. Users can use the dashboard to find and directly open their apps. All in one place.

100% Portable

Cloudron’s immutable infrastructure design allows easy migration of apps across servers. In fact, you can move your entire server along with all its apps to another cloud provider in no time.

Email Solution

Modern solution with calendar, contacts sharing and self-training spam filter. Completely automated DKIM, SPF, DMARC setup for reliable mail delivery.

Disaster proof

Cloudron has a built-in firewall and all events can be audited. Store encrypted backups to external storage like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Digital Ocean Spaces.

Cloudron How to

What’s included?

  • Instantly install Apps
  • Stay up-to-date
  • Central User Management
  • Email Solution built-in

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